Eligo SDK

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could take all the professional Rendering and Augmented Reality capabilities available on the market and just drop them inside your custom application on the web, on a desktop? Now you can. No pain, no complexities.

Eligo SDK does all the hard work for you, and lets you control every tracking technology for augmented reality on the market and have the best detailed interactive real time rendering with a rich set of super-simple APIs.


Eligo SDK is a Software Development Kit to create custom desktop applications using LinceoVR technology. It comes as a .dll for programming in common programming languages (e.g. C++, C#).

Eligo SDK
OS Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Input formats (contents) Direct:
lvr, lsc, lvz

via LinceoVR:
wrl, obj, 3ds, 3dm, igs, iges, step, stp
Image Input for Augmented Reality Unlimited
Photocamera Input for Augmented Reality Canon PowerShot series, Canon EOS 400D
Videocamera Input for Augmented Reality Unlimited
Tracking Technologies Marker Tracking, Texture tracking
Rendering Viewport Maximum Resolution Unlimited
Image Export Maximum Resolution Unlimited
Video Export Maximum Resolution Unlimited
All other general features Features enabled like in LinceoVR 4.x
System Requirements Same as LinceoVR 4.x check here

Addon modules

Item Description
PrimeSense/Kinect Tracking N.1 PrimeSense/Kinect Tracking to be added to Eligo SDK

Deployment licenses

Every time you try to install an application made by Eligo SDK you will be asked to insert a license key into the PC you are using. This deployment licenses have a cost that is 10% of the final price paid by the final customer to you (in any case not less than 100,00 € each). For high volumes solutions please contact sales@seac02.it.

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