LinceoVR Viewer Web API

LinceoVR Viewer Web is the easiest and quickest way to include a Virtual and Augmented Reality application in a web page and make it available online.

How does it work?

  • Import your Maya , 3D Studio Max or Rhino models into LinceoVR, edit your digital contents and export them in order to be used with LinceoVR Viewer Web plugin.
  • Design your web interface in HTML/CSS or Flash, embed the ligo object in your page and pilot it via supersimple Javascript commands.
  • Publish your application and enjoy your custom VR and AR experience

Compatible Browsers:

Watch and try the demos

Why to choose LinceoVR Viewer Web?

  • Free. Definitely the easiest solution for ready-to-publish interactive AR & VR applications.
  • AR & VR. The World’s first platform that offers both Augmented and Virtual Reality capabilities for 3D on the web.
  • Independence and Flexibility. With LinceoVR Viewer Web you get a complete solution for building AR & VR web applications on your own, being independent from software publishers and technology suppliers.
  • Standard easy embedding in WebPages. Javascript language guarantees to express your creativity being free to choose your preferred web developing language: HTML/CSS, AJAX, Flash, Silverlight. It takes about five minutes to create your AR online application.
  • Easiest and most powerful AR&VR Authoring Tool. LinceoVR, with its user-friendly drag & drop interface, is the ready-to-go editor to create LinceoVR Viewer Web contents for online applications. LinceoVR imports 3D models directly from any CAD and DCC software in the market (Maya, 3D Studio Max, Rhino, etc.). Thanks to thousands of professional users worldwide, LinceoVR is acknowledged as the hhh stable solution.
  • E2-commerce (aka experiencial e-commerce). LinceoVR Viewer Web is the first Augmented and Virtual Reality product configuration solution. Users can change colors, materials, shapes, control animations and sounds. LinceoVR Viewer Web extends the e-commerce experience.
  • Rendering Quality. LinceoVR Viewer Web moves Augmented Reality technology from marketing solution toward sales solutions. 3D model rendering quality is almost the same of real products.
  • Unified plug-in. One single plug-in for any online application. No matter if you use different technologies for your applications like marker tracking, texture tracking, realtime rendering, AR or VR.

Check LinceoVR Viewer Web API Documentation

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